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Jerry Levy



Originally from Montreal, Jerry Levy now resides in Toronto, Canada. His short stories have appeared in many literary magazines such as The Nashwaak Review, Parchment, Lowestoft Chronicle, and in 2013, a collection of 14 stories - Urban Legend - was published by Thistledown Press (the lead story in the collection - Urban Legend - was given honorable mention in the well-known Canadian Authors Association contest 'Ten Stories High'). He is also the author of 4 children's books. He is a regular judge for the Writer's Union of Canada's annual Short Prose Contest and occasionally does a similar task for an organization called Vea'havta, judging short stories from people who are marginalized and who have experienced homelessness at some point. He has a B.Comm. degree from Concordia University in Montreal and a teaching certificate (Teaching English as a Second Language) from CCLCS in Toronto. The Philosopher and the Golem is his first published novel. His website can be accessed at: http://jerrylevy.weebly.com


Tinka Harvard



Tinka Harvard is a writer and theologian with a gift for interweaving insightful ideas for inspired living with theology, philosophy, and the arts. She shares internationally beautiful concepts and tools that help to usher in more peace, joy, and well being in our every day lives. A graduate of Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University in New York City with a Master's in Divinity, she offers her intellectual talents in preaching, inspirational speaking, workshops and retreats. Tinka's writing has appeared most recently in publications including StepAway Magazine, The Independent Literary Magazine AdelaideAdelaide Voices Anthology 2018, and Polychrome Ink.



Michael washburn



Michael Washburn is a Brooklyn-based writer and journalist. His short stories have appeared in numerous journals and magazines including Green Hills Literary Lantern, Rosebud, Adelaide, Weird Fiction Review, New Orphic Review, Stand, Still Point Arts Quarterly, Lakeview Journal, Black Fox Literary Magazine, Bryant Literary Journal, Meat for Tea, Marathon Literary Review, Prick of the Spindle, and other publications. Michael is the author of an acclaimed cover story in the Philadelphia City Paper, entitled "Home and Abroad." He is the author of a previous short fiction collection, Scenes from the Catastrophe (2016).

Mike Cohen



Mike Cohen practiced law for over four decades and now specializes in estates, trusts, and related litigation. He attended the Portland State Haystack Summer Workshop Conference from 1992-96 and the University of Washington Extension Writing Workshop from 1995-98. He had studied with Craig Lesley, Tom Spanbauer, Whitney Otto, and the late Robert Gordon. He recently self-published his first novel, Rivertown Heroes. He holds a JD from Georgetown Law and a BA in Zoology from the University of Washington. His short stories have been published in Streetlight Magazine, Adelaide Literary Magazine and others. He lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest.


Jonathan Maniscalco




Jonathan Maniscalco has taught English to ESL learners in Japan, Spain, and New York City. A Massachusetts native, he is a graduate of Boston University and a stringer for The New England Review of Books. Ten Stories to Manhood is his first published book.'

Toni Morgan


Born in Alaska, raised in Oregon, where she studied history at Portland State University, and married in Hawaii, Toni Morgan has lived all over the United States, from California to Washington, D.C., and the world, from Denmark to Japan.  She now makes her home in southwestern Idaho.  She is the author of six novels: TWO-HEARTED CROSSING, PATRIMONY, ECHOES FROM A FALLING BRIDGE, HARVEST THE WIND, LOTUS BLOSSOM UNFURLING, and QUEENIE’S PLACE. Toni’s articles and short stories have been published in various newspapers, literary magazines, and other publications (http://authortonimorgan.com)

Carolyn Bell


Carolyn Light Bell is a photographer, writer, and educator. As a writer, Ms. Light Bell  draws from nature and strives to capture the beauty of the divine. She has published poetry, essays and short stories in many print and online magazines.  Her awards include the Croton-on-Hudson Review Award, Allen Ginsberg Award for Poetry, Editor’s Choice Award for Poetry.com. Ms. Light Bell is the author of a collection of poetry DELIVERY, collection of short stories
(Adelaide Books, 2017) and two children’s books: ELEANOR AND THE LITTLE TORTUGA and LALA AND HER FRIENDS.

Mandi Jourdan


Mandi Jourdan studied English and Classics at Southern Illinois University, through which she wrote and performed in two adaptations of the Harry Potter books in the style of Shakespeare. When not writing science-fiction and fantasy and listening to eighties rock, she spends time with her cats. She can be found on Amazon, at http://bloodandtalons.wordpress.com or on Twitter (@MandiJourdan). A novel LACRIMOSA (Adelaide Books, 2017) is her first published book.

Janet Mason


Janet Mason is an award-winning creative writer, teacher, marketing professional and blogger for The Huffington Post. Her book, Tea Leaves, a memoir of mothers and daughters, published by Bella Books in 2012, was chosen by the American Library Association for its 2013 Over the Rainbow List.  Tea Leaves also received a Goldie Award. She is the author of three poetry books.

Richard Schmitt




Richard Schmitt is the author of The Aerialist, a novel (Harcourt, 2000), and has published fiction and nonfiction in Arts & Letters, Cimarron Review, Gettysburg Review, Gulf Coast, North American Review, Puerto del Sol, and other places. His story, “Leaving Venice, Florida,” won 1st Prize in The Mississippi Review story contest. He has been anthologized in New Stories of the South: The Year’s Best 1999 and The Best American Essays, 2013.

steven Pelcman




Steven Pelcman is an American educator, film producer and published author who has been residing in Germany for over 19 years. Mr. Pelcman’s poetry and short stories have been published in many magazines including The Windsor Review, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, Fourth River magazine, River Oak Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Tulane Review, The Baltimore Review, The Warwick Review, The Cape Rock magazine, The Greensboro Review, enskyment.org, Iodine Poetry Journal, Rockhurst Review magazine and numerous others. He was nominated for the 2012 Pushcart Prize. http://stevenpelcman.blogspot.de

Steven McBrearty




Steven McBrearty grew up in San Antonio, Texas, in one of those big, rollicking Catholic families so common in the 1960s.  On any given day, there might be games of pitch and catch in the hallway or tackle football in the back bedroom.  He moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas and has lived in Austin ever since. He has published more than 35 short stories, humor pieces, and non-fiction articles and has received several honors for his writing.  His story collection, “Christmas Day on a City Bus,” was published in 2011 by McKinney Press. He has two grown children and four lovely grandchildren.

Michelle Cacho-Negrete




Michelle Cacho-Negrete is an award-winning author who currently lives in Portland Maine with her husband Kevin Smith, a prominent scientist, editor and author.  She was born in Brooklyn and many of her essays are about childhood. Four of Michelle essays have been among the 100 most notable of the year and one of her essays won Best of Net.  Her writings are in five anthologies, including a Norton College anthology. STEALING is her first published book.

Nina Wilson




Nina Wilson is a graduate of Coe College in Cedar Rapids Iowa. She lives in Indianola Iowa with her family. She loves history, especially early English history, photography, traveling, fishing, and camping. Surrender Language is her first published book.

Raymond Fenech




Raymond Fenech embarked on his writing career as a freelance journalist at 18 and worked for the leading newspapers, The Times and Sunday Times of Malta.  He edited two nation-wide distributed magazines and his poems, articles, essays and short stories have featured in several publications in 12 countries. His research on ghosts has appeared in The International Directory of the Most Haunted Places, published by Penguin Books, USA. In 2009, Ray graduated with BA first class honours in creative writing and later obtained his PHD. In the same year, he was awarded a scholarship in writing therapy by the Creative “Righting” Center, Hofstra University of New York. He is a visiting professor (creative writing and parapsychology) for an online university and conducts creative writing classes for both adults and children.

Pierre Soter


Pierre Sotér is the pen name of a well-established Portuguese author. After thirty years of successful professional life and intensive soul-searching, he now dedicates his time to poetry and philosophy. The DAWN is the first book in the Book Series “Poems and Thoughts of Pierre Sotér.” Pierre writes in Portuguese, English, and French.


Richard Dokey


Richard Dokey's stories appear regularly in the reviews. They have won awards and prizes, have been cited in Best American Short Stories, Best of the West, have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and have been reprinted in numerous regional and national texts and anthologies. He has novels and story collections to his credit. "Pale Morning Dun," his collection, published by University of Missouri Press, was nominated for the American Book Award. Stories have appeared most recently in Alaska Quarterly Review, Grain(Canada), Natural Bridge, Southern Humanities Review, Lumina and The Chattahoochee Review.

Timothy Robbins


Timothy Robbins teaches ESL and does freelance translation in Wisconsin. He has a BA in French and an MA in Applied Linguistics from Indiana University. He has been a regular contributor to “Hanging Loose” since 1978. His poems have also appeared in Adelaide Literary Magazine, Three New Poets, The James White Review, Slant, Main Street Rag, Two Thirds North, The Pinyon Review, Wisconsin Review, and others. Denny’s Arbor Vitae is his first published book of poetry.

Denis Bell




Denis Bell is a professor of Mathematics at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. He grew up in London, England and studied at the Universities of Manchester and Warwick, where he obtained a master’s degree in statistics and a doctorate in mathematics. He has received several awards for his scientific work, including an Outstanding Scholarship Award from the University of North Florida and a Research Professorship at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, California. A spinner of small tales for many years, he started publishing his fiction five years ago. His work has appeared in many literary magazines and journals, including Grub Street, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, and the Adelaide Literary Awards Anthology. A Box of Dreams is his first published collection.

Anders M. Svenning




Anders M. Svenning was born in New York. He started writing with seriousness at the age of nineteen and has now been published in many literary magazines throughout the United States and abroad. Some of the most recent include Dark Gothic Magazine, Adelaide Literary Magazine, and Degenerate Literature. He is the author of Nonpareil (Tule Fog Press), 50 States Poetry (Pansophic Press), and has a collection of short stories forthcoming, titled Verdant Grounds, Subtle Boundaries (Adelaide Books). The Phrenologist (Wapshott Press), a novella, is also forthcoming piece by Anders M. Svenning. Anders M. Svenning lives in Palm City, Florida.

Krista Creel




Krista Creel received her undergraduate degree in creative writing from the University of Memphis and her graduate degree in journalism. She has had short stories and poems published by the Universities of Pennsylvania, Chicago, Johnson & Wales, South Arkansas and Memphis, as well as other independent literary magazines. She lives in rural West Tennessee with her family.

Jack Coey




Jack Coey lives in Keene, NH.

Joram Piatigorsky


During his 50-year career at the National Institutes of Health, Joram Piatigorsky has published some 300 scientific articles and a book, Gene Sharing and Evolution (Harvard University Press, 2007), lectured worldwide, received numerous research awards, including the prestigious Helen Keller Prize for vision research, served on scientific editorial boards, advisory boards and funding panels, and trained a generation of scientists. Presently an emeritus scientist, he collects Inuit art, is on the Board of Directors of The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, blogs (JoramP.com), and has published a series of personal essays in the journal Lived Experience and a novel, Jellyfish Have Eyes (IPBooks, 2014). He has two sons, five grandchildren, and lives with his wife in Bethesda, Maryland. He can be contacted at joramp@verizon.net.

Keith Madsen


Keith Madsen is a retired minister who is using his retirement to pursue a lifelong interest in writing fiction. In addition to writing, he has also acted in community theater, having particularly enjoyed playing the roles of Jack (C.S.) Lewis in Shadowlands, Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, and Porfiry in Crime and Punishment. This background in drama has helped him both with character development and his dramatic touch in writing. Keith finds that being part of helping characters come alive is one of his greatest life pleasures. He has visited Haiti four times, while helping to build a grade school there. In the process he has become fascinated by Haitian culture and history, a fascination which inspired the writing of this novel. Keith has published short stories in Mobius: A Journal of Social Change, Talking River, Short Story America and Adelaide. He is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association. Keith lives in East Wenatchee, Washington with his wife Cathy, where he enjoys teaching chess to grade school children.


Gracjan Kraszevski



His fiction has appeared in Eclectica Magazine, Wilderness House Literary Review, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, PILGRIM, The Southern Distinctive, Five on the Fifth, and on The Short Humour Site; academic articles in Religious and Sacred Poetry, North Alabama Historical Review, The Polish Review and Idaho Magazine. Holder of a PhD in history, currently teaching at a university in the Midwest (in the history dept). Fluent in Polish, conversational in Czech and French. A translation (Polish → English) for author Aleksandra Ziółkowska-Boehm subsequently became Chapter One of her book The Polish Experience through World War II: A Better Day Has Not Come (Lanham, MD, 2013) Played baseball in college, professionally in Europe, and for the Polish National team.


ian campbell



Ian A. Campbell immigrated to the United States from Jamaica W.I. in 1985. An avid student, he received his bachelor’s degree in sociology from Binghamton University and his master’s in real estate development from New York University. Campbell is a poet whose writings have encapsulated the human experience with a philosophical bent. He’s in search of meaning in each individual’s life as we search for rightness and purpose. His greatest hope is to produce works that can make a difference and become works that truly matter. His first collection, Life and Livity is an emotional journey with powerful life lessons. Life and Rhythms is his second collection of poems.


Jacob Paul Patchen


Jacob Paul Patchen was born and raised outside of Byesville, Ohio where he spent his youth tormenting babysitters and hiding in trees. Patchen earns his inspiration through experience, where he writes abundantly about love, war, sex, family and drinking. Jacob is a poet, an author, blogger and combat veteran. He debuted with his 5 star rated book, Life Lessons from Grandpa and His Chicken Coop: A Playful Journey Through Some Serious Sh*t (2015) and Talking S.H.I.T. (Social, Humorous, and Inspirational Thoughts) (2017). Patchen is published in several literary journals, including New Millennium Writings, Into the Void Magazine, The Deadly Writers Patrol, and Lost Lake Folk Opera Magazine. He has also been selected as a finalist in many poetry competitions.






The author Kenneth D. Stephens is originally from India, where he attended Christian missionary boarding schools in the Himalayas. He came to the United States to go to theological seminary, after which he went on to do his Ph.D in philosophy. His memoir The Meaning of These Days: Memoir of a Philosophical Pastor was published by Wipf and Stock. He is an active member of the African Wildlife Foundation, the Wilderness Society, and other environmental organizations, and resides on the outskirts of Los Angeles County.


David Boyle



A versatile and diversified writer, David Boyle has written three short story collections, published by independent presses. His most recent compilation is Truth Hurts (Adelaide Books, 2018). Five of his stories have been adapted to film. In 2014 four stories from his book Abandoned in the Dark (Dark Ink, an imprint of AM Ink Publishing, 2012) were made into a feature-length anthology film of the same name. Though he earned his readership by writing reality-based dark fiction, Boyle has gained a reputation for literary stories, essays, articles, aphorisms, reviews, interviews, analyses, travel writing, reportage, and poems, a good number of which have appeared in both print and online magazines as well as in anthologies. Discover David Boyle: www.facebook.com/authordavidboyle.




Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz graduated from the New York University with an inter-disciplinary degree in Happiness and currently is a fourth-year medical student at the David Geffen School of Medicine, at UCLA. A writer his entire life, he wrote over twenty short stories and three novels. Until We Are Lost (Adelaide Books, 2018) is his first published novel.


Helen Nickolson


Helen Nickolson was born in Kato Kourouni, a small village in Evia, Greece, which had neither water nor electricity at that time. Sponsored by her aunt and uncle to emigrate to the United States when she was five, she journeyed across the rough Atlantic Ocean in December on an Italian ship. From New York, she then travelled by bus to Lodi, California and arrived on Christmas Eve. Her name in Greek is Eleni Nikolaou and was changed by her uncle to “better assimilate” into American society. He meant well. After high school, Helen attended the University of California at Davis where she majored in English. She went on to graduate school at California State University, Sacramento and received her MS in Counseling Psychology and MA in English. Helen worked as a counselor and also taught English and Psychology at Yuba Community College for 30 years before retiring. She has been married for 35 years to Larry Michel, and Katherine is their only child.

Ray Vincent


Ray A. Vincent attended Laurentian University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and Certification in Social Work. He went on to work with the City of Sudbury's Welfare Department, initially as a caseworker and later moving on to supervisory and managing positions. He spent 35 years in the "helping profession" until his retirement in 1999. Ray was born in Canada, in a log cabin, in the mining backwoods of Northwestern Quebec. Growing up in poverty and in a large family of twelve, brought the young man face to face with what was significant and with what was trivial in life. He knew that in his family, once you walked in the house, you were taken in, welcomed, and covered in the warmth of love and personal attention that only good parents can have for you. "That's all they had to give us," he said, "but there was a lot of it, and it was unbounded, unconditional and selfless."
    His mother was a great storyteller and he inherited from her a great love of books which fed a voracious appetite for reading.
The family moved to Sudbury, Ontario, when Ray was coming into his teenage years. The cultural transition of moving from a small town, French Canadian environment, to English speaking Canada proved difficult and challenging but it opened many venues to opportunities and personal growth. He was blessed with an acute visual memory. The colorful events of childhood and professional activities have taken Ray across a rich and varied landscape of experiences——some of which make for compelling stories.
   Ray married his sweetheart, Emily, fifty years ago. They live in Sudbury, Ontario.


Andrea Cladis


Andrea Cladis is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Elmhurst College with degrees in English Writing, Interdisciplinary Communications, French, and Secondary Education. She has worked for Delnor Hospital's Marketing and Public Relations Department, for neighborhood magazines, and as a feature writer for Shaw Media. She is currently working towards an MFA in Writing at Fairfield University and works full time as a High School English Teacher and Group Fitness Instructor. She has been published in The Greek Star, various literary journals, and online publications including Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, and Patch.com. She is also the author of Finding the Finish Line: Navigating the Race of Life through Faith & Fitness (CrossLink Publishing, 2017). She has written extensively for online news websites, print magazines, local newspapers, and social media blogs. Known for her local opinion columns, Andrea's writing has been described as “emotive, yet brazen, seasoned with thinly veiled cynicism, and a pinch of sarcasm.” She maintains a personal site about faith, fitness, and writing which can be viewed at www.andreacladis.com.






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