“It has been a seamless process and pleasure working with the team at Adelaide books. They have been supportive and directive throughout the publication process, and as a first time author they have given me the confidence and platform to publish my work as well as find and connect with my readers.”
Christine D. King, Author of WHAT DIDN’T HAPPEN

“In a publishing world where a set of highly specific criteria all too often determine what work sees the light of print, Adelaide Books is what many writers, poets, essayists, and memoirists have long pined for. The publisher, Stevan Nikolic, has that rarest blend of traits: high literary standards, impeccable judgment, and a willingness to take a chance on work that might be deemed too far outside the mainstream for some publishers to consider. If Franz Kafka, Charles Bukowski, James Purdy, and Carson McCullers were alive and writing today, no doubt they would turn to this platform. Its role is indispensable.”

Adelaide Books, while a relatively new company, has made a great effort to have wonderful authors who write in different genres. Their contests and publications give authors an opportunity to showcase their writings.

I’ve been associated with the enterprising people at Adelaide Books for about four years. Adelaide has offered me opportunities for publication in its many venues: the monthly literary magazine, the annual contests and, of course, the book publishing mission. The profession of writing can be a lonely one. It has meant a lot to have such consistent support in my various pursuits. Thanks to all of you at Adelaide!
Pam Munter, Author of AS ALONE AS I WANT TO BE

My experience with Adelaide books has been very professional and favorable. Adelaide has been a responsible publisher in many dealings with them. They respond to my inquiries in a reasonable amount of time. Highly recommended for publications. 
Edward V. Bonner, Author of PURPLE DAWN

 "I'm deeply grateful that Adelaide has published my two poetry books, and turned my dream into a reality. I could not be happier with the quality of the work, from the professional layout to the choice of the book cover, it was beyond my expectation."

"Working in close quarters with Adelaide Books has provided me with a new perspective on publishing, such as delivery of the written word, collaborating with a family of team members which feeds my drive to write upon a platform of support, along with a clever avenue for drive and inspiration. Adelaide books remain life changing."
Donny Barilla, Author of BONES OF THE EARTH and eight other poetry collections published by Adelaide Books

“Adelaide Books is a dream publishing venture. For the author, it offers quick acceptance turn-around time, fixed publication schedules, proofing and layout, and an extremely professional  book product at the end of the process. The editorial staff seems to have boundless energy in opening up marketing and promotional opportunities. I as an author am grateful for the diligent team effort Adelaide has demonstrated, and above all, the support that it makes available.”
Lazar Sarna, author of THE TETHERED MAN (poetry), BOOK BIN BABY( novel) and the forthcoming TALES OF THE SPICE MAKERS (poetry)

“Adelaide Books puts out beautiful books!”
Don Tassone, Author of SAMPLER

“It’s been a pleasure working with Adelaide Books and it’s editor Stevan V. Nikolic. He has been very helpful in publishing my first book.”
David J.S. De Landi – Author of THE NOBLE HOUSE OF THE LANDI

“Before I discovered Adelaide Books I felt like a ship without a port in sight. Then, out of the blue, it happened, I found my port, and I have never looked back. They give the help needed, and make you feel part of a family of writers in which I am most comfortable and satisfied. Because of Adelaide Books I am now where I always wanted to be.”

"Today's publishing world can easily be influenced by the whims of the marketplace, but Adelaide is more interested in story. In my experience, Adelaide Books has taken on writers' works that don't always  fit on the neat little shelves of the usual fare. I can't appreciate enough the willingness the editors have shown to accept and support my books — books that may not be easy to categorize or mainstream—and given them a home."

“Adelaide Books has given me the opportunity to be represented not only in New York, but internationally at the Lisbon Book Fair (Portugal) and the Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany). Meeting publishers Stevan and Adelaide Nikolic at the Book Expo America 2019 in New York City was a highlight of my publishing career, and a tremendous opportunity to share my book, PIVOT, with other authors, publishers, and librarians. I especially appreciate their encouragement, accessibility, and assistance in all areas of promoting my book, including social platforms.”
Debbie Richard, Author of PIVOT

"Adelaide books was incredible professional and so helpful while navigating the publication of my first book. Everyone was willing to work with me to get the cover exactly how I always dreamed it would be. I am so happy to have found a home with Adelaide Books."
Tara Cummins, Author of MOTHER’S INGREDIENTS

“I had browsed the small press listings on the Poets and Writers site, and tried Adelaide Books, and suddenly, I had an offer to publish Baba Summer Part One.  They do a lot of books, but when my turn came, I was very impressed, with the design, the cover, and the work they did to publicize the book. When the books arrived, I felt so happy.”
Judy Hogan, Author of BABA SUMMER I and BABA SUMMER II

“You have done such an amazing job of bringing my recent collection of poems to fruition and helping me create a wider audience! As a writer I will be forever grateful.”
Linda Casebeer, Author of CHARM AND STRANGE

"I've had an excellent experience with Adelaide Books, starting with the incredibly artistic and evocative design of my novel, SALT OF THE NATION. Perhaps the best and most valuable thing about Adelaide Books is its willingness to publish an incredibly wide variety of high-quality titles written by an equally diverse roster of authors; ranging from novels to non-fiction, from poetry to memoirs. Unlike most publishers, Adelaide Books stands behind and with its books and authors for the long-term rather than just for a single season. After writing for many years, I feel that I've found a home with Adelaide Books."
Matt Bloom, Author of SALT OF THE NATION  and a children’s book series HELLO, MY NAME IS BUNNY

"The mission of Adelaide Books—to publish works of literary merit—is more vital now than ever. Creating the opportunity for both established and emerging authors to bring out their best work is the role of an independent press and the team at Adelaide Books takes this seriously. The support I received for my novel, Burn Down This World, was an important next-step in my career."
Tina Egnoski, Author of BURN DOWN THIS WORLD

"Getting a first book published is always a big step forward in a writer’s career, and I appreciate the willingness of Adelaide Books to take a chance on first-time authors like me. It was a thrill finally to have my MS. transformed into an actual book, especially since it was handsomely produced in typical Adelaide style."

"I am grateful to Stevan Nikolic and the Adelaide Books team for their work to make my publishing dreams a reality.  I appreciated the partnership I felt with Adelaide Books, from the cover design, to the final edits, they included me in every part of the process."  
Suzanne Maggio, Author of THE CARDINAL CLUB

"I was so fortunate to contact Stevan and Adelaide Nikolic at Adelaide Books!  Each of them promptly handled my publishing for two separate books and guided me throughout the process. They were kind and warm beyond anything I expected. I thank them both."  
Helen Nickolson, Author of NO FORGIVENESS and GREAT GRANDMA'S SHED

"When you talk to Adelaide Books, you’re talking to book people. They’re interested in books. Market trends, social media, and fads do not take center stage. Books do. The big question: is this a worthwhile book?"
Peter Gelfan, Author of  MONKEY TEMPLE

"Stevan V. Nikolic did a fantastic job designing my autobiography, Labors in Vineyards of Desire.The cover is beautiful, & the text is wonderfully readable in the chosen layout & fonts. Ivana, along with the rest of the Office Team at Adelaide Books on Fifth Avenue did an amazing job getting review copies to potential reviewers across the country, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, 
& the UK."

Adelaide Books is like a North Star that reminds me of the importance of aiming for extraordinary excellence in my writing. It found in me the hidden potential as a writer. I feel so connected to Adelaide Books.
Marianne Song, Author of MY PEARLS IN SHANGHAI

It is such an honor bringing my stories to life with Adelaide Books.  Adelaide Books have such a creative approach and their dedication shines through in the finished product.
Cassie Roberts, Author of A DAY AT THE ZOO

Adelaide Books was a pleasure to work with - their team was timely, helpful and they even nominated my book and poems for awards. They were supportive and communicated with me regarding book fairs and other opportunities.
Gloria Monaghan, Author of FALSE SPRING

Adelaide Books has now published three of my original works - one memoir and two poetry collections - and I could not be more pleased with the outcome of these efforts. You will receive professional attention to the layout of your work, careful text editing, and a satisfying final product. The quality of the paper, binding, and printing is all superior to what you will find from other independent book publishers. Their response time exceeded my expectations and the process from original manuscript to final book publication is done carefully, but generally within a three to six month time frame, which is fast for the industry and allows you to get on with selling and promoting your work much faster than you would with a bigger publishing house. If you are an aspiring author looking to have a stake in your work and a partner at your side both pre and post-publication, I cannot recommend Adelaide Books highly enough! I hope to continue working with Adelaide Books for future projects and I am proud to have several Adelaide titles adorning my bookshelves!

I am honored to have had my short story collection published by Adelaide Books. I established a wonderful working rapport with my editor and the staff. Adelaide cares about their writers and the craft of writing.
Sevasti Iyama, Author of HOMELESS WITH SIX DOGS

Stevan Nikolic and his team at Adelaide Books have been a true find for me as an author.  Although it took me years to find a publisher for any of a number of completed poetry manuscripts, Adelaide accepted two of my collections and brought them out in rapid succession.  It was actually well worth the wait because it gave me the opportunity to return to the poems with fresh eyes and polish them in a way I don’t think I would have had the literary maturity to do earlier in my writing career.  So, I’m sure the timing was right for my work to see the light of day, and to connect with the right publisher.  Adelaide’s editorial staff demonstrated exceptional skill, professionalism, and patience as I tinkered with the poems and their organization.  The group responsible for cover artwork and interior design also deserves congratulations for their expertise at putting together an easy on the eye package.  Adelaide continues to grow a very worthy set of titles and are active in promoting them and their authors in the U.S. and globally.  Their easy to use Web site has evolved to include any number of compelling features, such as YouTube videos, to showcase their authors.  Hats off to a topnotch operation.

I’ve had two books published in the past, one self-published, and the second from a hybrid model. As would be expected, I experienced some pros and certainly some cons throughout this process. After completing my third book, I decided I would only accept traditional publishing. Adelaide was one of the first publishing houses to respond as I sought a traditional publisher. I will tell you, it’s been a pleasant experience. Other authors who are also working diligently to “break-through” have relayed some of their experiences with other traditional publishers. The one constant theme I’ve heard is “they get you signed up, but then the promotion and ultimate sales really fall back upon your shoulders”. My Adelaide experience is unlike that. It’s been a team approach in which we all continue to find ways to promote my book together. And so far, Adelaide is in it for the long haul. This has made the experience a favorable one and I’m pleased I decided to go this route. I’d recommend Adelaide to anyone looking for an intimate traditional publishing experience.

I’ve experienced a significant honor and delight in working with Stevan Nikolic at Adelaide Books and his staff, particularly Ivana Janjos.  They have been particularly proactive in all aspects of the publishing process, especially in book promotion.  However, I get ahead of myself here, since Stevan’s sense of layout and design, including the cover, has distinguished the work I’ve published with him.  But it is the positive outreach of Stevan and Ivana in their contacting libraries in which I have read in the area I live that has precipitated events from readings and signings to Zoom sessions with librarians that eventuated in perpetual links that they have been responsible for that I most thank them for and offer them my gratitude. Additionally, I need to mention that the book as finished art object is foremost in the Adelaide Books publishing tradition—the art of the book is active and an aesthetic if avidly apparent in the books that are published under the Adelaide Books imprint.  A clean line and a well-laid out page is apparent as well as an apt cover design, and I’ve received complimentary remarks regarding both. However, I would never have become an Adelaide Books author if I hadn’t won the Adelaide Magazine essay contest in 2018, along with the concomitant accompanying book contract for a volume of essays.  I will always be grateful to Stevan for his selection of my essay, “On Beauty,” for first place in the contest, and then his publication of the eponymous book, which then, in turn, lead me to write yet another book of essays, for an intended companion volume, A Writer’s Statements On Beauty, which will be published later this year, by which I am doubly honored and delighted.
Wally Swist, Author of ON BEAUTY

"I ordered a paperback copy of the book in Amazon and it just arrived.
It’s beautiful!!! The quality of the pictures, the layout, the editorial work is top notch. I’m very happy with the final result, thank you very much Stevan.
Great Job."
Hans Trujillo, Author of NEVER PLAY WITH DEATH