by Margot Swicarcik & Rita Baker


Hitler did not come out of a vacuum; he was the product of 2,000 years of ill will, towards the Jews, that began with the expulsion of the Jewish people from their homeland, by ...



Hitler did not come out of a vacuum; he was the product of 2,000 years of ill will, towards the Jews, that began with the expulsion of the Jewish people from their homeland, by the Romans who presided over Israel at the time, putting 125,000 Israelites to death on the cross, Jesus being one of them, for fighting the Romans, in order to free their people from bondage.

Hitler came to power with 43.9% when President General Hindenburg, on the advice of the industrialist Krupp, gave the position of Chancellor to Hitler with the vote of the German people. Feeling that they had been stabbed in the back, the Communists in Berlin started to run around with red flowers in their lapels, shouting that the Social democrats had betrayed Germany.

Whilst this is a story depicting a shocking upheaval of the times, it is not the horrific story of a concentration camp survivor. It is the harrowing tale of one young girl’s upbringing and whose courage, inner strength, and will to live through a time in history unparalleled by any other, was fostered by the extraordinary example of her beloved parents. It is the story of how she, Margot Davidowitch lived through personal tragedy in Hitler’s Germany, and then in Poland and communist Russia, before, during and after W.W. II, coming out of that dark period, a complete person; a testament to that inner strength that remains with her to this day.

It is also the irrational tale of devastation and the hope that can come out of the ashes of war, and it gives the reader an insight into the life of a European Jewess, during that time. There is no question that fate played a large part in the lives of her family. When you read this biography, you will understand how and why.

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Margot Swicarcik and her husband, David, immigrated from Germany to Canada, in 1951, where they settled in Montreal Quebec until the death of David, since when, Margot, has been living in Toronto. This woman, who speaks four languages, and has lost none of her bustling drive, is now in her nineties, and although she enjoys speaking, and has the ability to hold an audiences captive with her riveting presence, she is reluctant to speak of that tragic time, when she lived under the terror of a Europe, at the mercy of the maniac Hitler intent upon the destruction of the Jewish people. And later, in Russia, lived under another maniac, Stalin, who reportedly put more people to death than Hitler, Jews being amongst them. Margot spends the winter in Miami Florida where she was asked to tell of her life during the war. Apart from this biography, it is the only occasion when she has spoken, to an audience, of the shocking horrors that took place at a time in history like no other. Rita Baker is a Canadian writer with a British background. She was married to a British lawyer and have two wonderful sons. Rita was raised by an unorthodox, free-thinking, grandparents from whose example she experienced the liberty of an all-embracing open mind. Rita finished college in England and won prizes for writing speeches, as well for their delivery. Despite her many credentials, this is what she is most proud of. Her passion is the novel. She loves bringing to life strong characters together with vivid descriptions of unusual people and places she has come to know, coupling them with meaningful dialogue. Rita grew up reading writers such as Maugham, Wilde, Dickens, Austen, and Bronte. Today she enjoys authors whose work depicts the times we live in, be they of a legal profession, mystery or a good, strong, unusual love story that tears at your heartstrings.

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